Additive manufacturing

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So what is additive manufacturing?

The more common name is 3D printing. In the past when a business needed a part made or a special item produced it was typically tooled out of steel by the CNC milling process. It may have been the part itself or maybe a mold to produce that part. It can be quite a slow and expensive process. However now additive manufacturing or the 3D printing process is completely revolutionizing Many different industries.

Just imagine being able to identify a special part or custom made item you need, almost anything you can imagine and being able to have it designed in 2D or 3D and made at a fraction of the cost of typical manufacturing methods. The materials or filaments and shapes that can be designed are almost limitless.

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At 3DP Additive Solutions our passion is to help you identify areas of your business that can benefit from Additive manufacturing.
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